Sky Remote Codes

Your SKY remote control can be programmed to operate your television. Once this has been done, pressing the TV button will allow various operations such as changing channel, changing volume, putting the TV in standby mode and operating teletext.

Find your Sky Remote Code

To program your Sky remote control to operate your TV, select your TV manufacturer and follow the simple instructions.

How do the codes work?

Codes to operate various makes and model of television are held within your Sky remote control and can be accessed through a sequence of button presses. 3 digit codes give direct access to a particular model of television. 4 digit codes activate a sequence which allows you to try each of the codes held for a particular make/manufacturer of television. During this sequence you can attempt to operate your TV and if successful store the setting. If not you can advance to the next code and try that.

Once you've found the code for your television, write it down. You should find a label inside the battery compartment of your remote control just for this. Its handy to operate your TV from the one control, however only basic functions are covered. For more advanced functions such as menus and picture adjustment you will still require your dedicated TV control.

Don't forget after pressing the TV button to operate your television, press the Sky button to once again operate your Sky box. If your remote control seems to not be working this is often the simple reason why.